Peer-e-Kamil (S.A.W)

“Peer-e-Kamil (S.A.W)” is one of the best and popular urdu novel written by pakistan’s famous writer umera ahmed. The Urdu popular fiction is blessed to have writers like Umera Ahmed. in the start of her career she start writing stories and novels for popular family digests. Mostly she write novels for Khawateen Digest and the Shua Digest, both belonging to the same group of publishers. She also wrote some Urdu stories and novels for Pakeezah digest too.

Umera Ahmed has wrote about various topics, But The topic of her initial novels was the self-esteem of the women of Pakistan. She especially wrote about the self-esteem of the women who are not very much physically endowed and often considered ugly by the society. After writing about the self-esteem of the women for a while, Umera Ahmed started to write Urdu stories and novels on Pakistan’s bureaucracy. One of her very famous Urdu novels on Pakistan’s bureaucracy is called ‘Amer Bail’.

Although there are many novels of Umera Ahmed, which became bestsellers, however some novels of her broke all the records.And Peer-e-Kamil (S.A.W) belongs to that category lot of friend of mine read it 3 to 4 time some of them read it even more time and whenever you asked them which one is your all time favorite urdu novel they will defiantly without doubt tell you that it is Peer-e-Kamil (S.A.W). it was also firstly published in khawateen digest and then as a printed book, and now here comes its online edition. If you didn’t read it yet then it’d be the present experience for you and if you did read it then give it another try and have fun. Read it and feel the magic of umera ahmed’s blessed writing skills.

Update: 3/26/2012

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  1. sabba gondal

    May 28. 2011

    please rehan peer e kamil (S.A.W) ka password dain

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  2. iman

    May 30. 2011

    yeh password kya hai

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  3. tahseen asif

    May 30. 2011

    beautiful novel

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  4. tahseen asif

    May 30. 2011

    pleas give the password mr.rehan

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  5. farhan

    May 31. 2011

    sooooo goooooooood

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  6. aimmy khan

    Jun 08. 2011

    i m unable 2 read any novel…. can u plz hlp me????

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  7. sanamali

    Jun 15. 2011

    this is my favourite story

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  8. Zafar Iqbal

    Mar 26. 2012

    Hi Umera Ahmed, Thanks for your writing a nice novel. The theme of novel is very good and elaboration of the them also very good that a reader felt himself in front of a screen on which characters presenting themselves lively.
    Your writing and character sketch is really hear touching and reader feel his sympathy with characters wherever it needed and expect something according to his… mind.
    I want to ask one thing that you wrote this Novel in background of Peer-e-Kamil (Muhammad S.A.W.W), but insufficient material has been included. By writing this Novel I would like to say that Novel catches full attention of the reader so if u included so informative material with references then it would be more attractive for those reader who those don’t know more abt Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.W.
    One thing more, in start Novel was going on scenic view but later it started as a story, so the start was so good but later I felt that I’m reading a story. A scenic writing really grab the reader a lot than a story writing, thus I wished that later chapters if would also the same as the previous were so It would be more beautiful.
    In Chapter 10 when the Novel get a new turn about Imama, from the started of this chapter we got the news that how it was Amna who was Imama, here the climax of the novel lost and reader make sense of understanding of the story that was not supposed to be exposed till the end of this chapter so the ready involve himself more and more.
    Despite of all above I really felt much happy to read ready this and pray for your more success and best wishes for you. You tried well to grab the attention of youth with a healthy writing and tried well to understand them the “true love” with any one and “true love” with our prophet Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.W.
    In the end I pray for you and for all of the readers that May Allah bestows us the same love for our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W. Ameen.

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    • ishmal zareen

      Dec 01. 2013

      very nice

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    • Muhammad Umair raja

      Apr 09. 2014

      Nice zafar you pointed out the lacks of the novel very well and you explained your thought about it but this is a common problems of novels that it gets the shape of story after some pages… overall it was good theme good story and nicely maped,,,,

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  9. sehrish

    Nov 25. 2013

    aslam o aliekum mis umera ahmad i am a great fan to u keep smile jazak allah fi aman allah

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  10. mariakhan

    Jan 16. 2014

    Everyone has the rights of show and follow his faith,no one has the right to insult his or her faith.I totally disagree Umara Ahmed Sahiba what she wrote about Ahmadi firqa.Before writing about minorities One should have the enough knowledg about them.Ahmadies are the most peaceful minority Of Pakistan. They never harm any other minorities of the country. They are not gettingany aid from European agencies and not giving money to anyone who became Ahmadies the just collect money from the members of their community and spend tht for noble csuse to help the needy people.It is totally opposite of that how Umara showsthe character of Ahmadi girl.

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  11. Sanaullah

    Jan 29. 2014

    one of the best Novel i have ever read.

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  12. alina

    Apr 06. 2014

    hmmmmmmm v v nice navel

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  13. Muhammad Umair raja

    Apr 09. 2014

    Can any one of you let me know plz that…. is the novel been captured like teledrama or drama???
    if so give me the reference i wanna watch it

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  14. Muhmmad bilal

    Apr 24. 2014

    Its extreme fake. Umera ahmed you played well with words no doubt but your objections on Ahmadies are absolutely wrong.I am sure you never had any ahmadi to talk to in yoru life. Their believes are more stornger then our. If you want to see real islam then better go and see rabwah to realise how true muslims live. Also they believe Hazoor S.A.W a last prophet too.its all our hypocrate politiciand played along with Mullah’s to show them non muslims. You cant see any live recording ro video of munazra between ahmadis and sunnis why? because tehy prove their point so what you said regarding money is absolutely wrong. Search about them with open heart!!!!

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  15. qaria komal hira

    Dec 17. 2014

    mjhy badal diya is novel nyn… MOLA ZAMIN…

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  16. summiya aslam

    Jan 30. 2015

    suuuuuperb novel,

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  17. duach

    Mar 28. 2015

    very funny

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  18. jony

    Apr 13. 2015

    A.O.A. Dear frndz jo shks b apni lyf m ya apni body lngug m ya phr khd m koi b changing lna chata h tou issey ek bar zroor read krey!

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  19. aqsa

    Jun 13. 2015

    how can u say m. bilal that ahmadies are following ryt path??? n as for as minorities are concern it is the duty of evry muslim to preach islam.. minorities rites are fully following in pakistan but we cant stop preaching and this novel is a typ of preaching,
    i have met with ahmadies n her all search about them is rite

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  20. parsa ch

    Oct 31. 2015

    mine blowing

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  21. adidas

    Sep 18. 2016

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    be duplicated in the County.

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